Your Say


Senator Helen Polley’s letter on the NBN rollout (The Examiner, October 8) fails to acknowledge there is no HFC network in Tasmania, and ignores the evidence that the Coalition fixed the rollout mess left by Labor in Tasmania in 2013. Tasmania is now in the box seat for the NBN rollout. More than 177,000 addresses have access to superfast NBN broadband, more than 90,000 premises already have an active NBN connection. 62 per cent of the Tasmanian rollout is complete and all 280,000 premises will have access by 2018. I encourage Senator Polley and her Labor colleagues to constructively join the discussion about how Tasmanians can use the NBN to link more local businesses to mainland customers and the global marketplace; and help students achieve their educational goals and improve their employment prospects.

Tasmanian Liberal Senator David Bushby

Same-Sex Marriage

SHAME on the Australian Labor Party, the Greens and certain Independent members of federal parliament for depriving me of my democratic right to vote for, or against, changing the Marriage Act. Aware there are supposedly many polls apparently indicating a majority of Australians support such a change however sceptical of such polls I believe only a plebiscite, or referendum, would truly reflect the views of most Australians. What is even more disappointing is that the ALP purports to be a party representing the average ordinary Australian yet here they are preventing such people from having a voice.

Jim Collier, Legana.

Bloomin’ Tulips

IT IS easy to undervalue the history of our nation and the part of our history most undervalued is that concerning the first people of this land, the Aboriginal people. The Bloomin’ Tulips Festival provides one such reminder in their printed programme in which they “would like to acknowledge the original Indigenous owners of this land and their descendants, and appreciate the opportunity to hold this festival on their traditional land”. They are to be congratulated.

Margaret Benson, Burnie.