Letters to the editor

Those nearing end of life desire a place of pleasant outlook which is easily accessible for family members, says Dick James, of Launceston.
Those nearing end of life desire a place of pleasant outlook which is easily accessible for family members, says Dick James, of Launceston.

Palliative Centre

SURELY with the level of community support The Examiner has reported on, the government must now look sympathetically on the provision of a palliative centre in Launceston.   The community has spoken, taking serious issue with an earlier report obviously prepared at some distance from the stakeholders, the members of Northern communities. A centre in an upstairs, far ward in a hospital does not meet expectations.   Those nearing end of life desire a place of pleasant outlook, desirably in a garden setting, easily accessible for family members and removed from the hurly-burly of a hospital ward.

Dick James, Launceston.

Issues with new note

IT HAPPENED with the Census and now there has been a major problem with the new $5 note. Both problems now seem to be obvious and how the highly paid chiefs of the departments could have missed them, is almost beyond belief.

The new $5 note is being rejected by many note taking machines in gaming venues, supermarkets and probably in other places. This is because when the machine encounters the clear panel, it reads the note as incomplete.

Evidently the cost of changing each machine to accept it will be hundreds of dollars. This issue should have been foreseen and checked with a prototype note. I find it hard to believe it wasn’t, it certainly should have been.

Malcolm Scott, Newstead.

Kidman and Co Sale

SO THE government will allow the Foreign Investments Review Board to consider the bid for Kidman and Co by Gina Rinehart (aka Hancock Prospecting) and Chinese interests without any pressure from the Coalition.

This seems an unlikely scenario given that almost immediately following the announcement, the Prime Minister and his deputy were spruiking its merits with comments  like “It is good to see Australians investing in Australian agriculture” and “ I want to drive around and say this farm is owned by Australians”. How many Australians are stakeholders in Hancock Investments? Presumably the threat to our security will diminish by two-thirds as long as the percentage of ownership remains unchanged. Should the Chinese holdings increase what would be an acceptable level of foreign ownership?

A. Carter, Mowbray.

Mum Support

MANY people in our community suffer from post-natal depression. However, help and support was available through a workshop at the parenting centre to help mums develop skills to deal with some of the issues that arise during PND and anxiety.

I was able to use the child-minding facilities at Walker House, which were brilliant and essential for me to attend this workshop with my kiddies. The state government has now ceased child-minding facilities at Walker House family and parenting centre at Newnham.

By doing this parents are no longer able to take their young children along to the centre, while they take part in important workshops to deal with issues of PND and anxiety. By ceasing child-minding facilities this affects the people who are most at risk. Most families rely on the child-minding as they have no support or help to mind their children whilst they seek help and assistance in parenting.

We need this facility reinstated to help our vulnerable parents have access to assistance.

Anna Polley, South Launceston.

Skin Cancer

IN THE name of skin cancer prevention, I suggest that the danger hours for sun exposure be extended from 11am to 3pm, to 10am to 4pm. Especially now daylight savings has begun.

A.R. Trounson, Needles.