Cream of the crop

If you take a look around Launceston, there isn’t much in the way of cafes that are extremely youth friendly.

By this I mean there aren’t many original cafes with flare and atmosphere.

There are a few places that young people head to including The Coffee Republic, Mojo Music, Off Center and Hug-A-Mug.

Today’s youth are looking for places with a nice, easygoing atmosphere, somewhere that offers a new aspect to the cafe and coffee house scene.

There are places that are fine to grab something on the way but when dining in, it’s dull, there’s no hook or great atmosphere like some of the other cafes around.

As youths we want somewhere where eating in or having a quick coffee offers a great experience and some fun.

For you and your friends, check out some of the reviews of the places in Launceston that offer something extra that generalised cafes and coffee shops just don’t.

Launceston has some cafes that offer this fresh new experience that today’s youth want.

But there aren’t quite enough options yet to satisfy all youths, with the increase in cafes being opened and “refreshed” hopefully young people won’t have much longer to wait.

Off Center

Off Center is a cafe that targets movie goers as well as students and workers studying or putting in some overtime.

The split opening hours are from early morning to early afternoon, reopening in the evening until 10pm.

As the opening hours are both in the morning and in the night it gives the option for any movie goers to grab a quick cup of coffee or a bite to eat before an early or late screening.

It also gives students a nice area to grab a coffee, sit down and study throughout the day.

It’s location provides a slightly quieter and more relaxing atmosphere than other cafes in Launceston.

Off Center offers breakfasts and pies and a range of desserts. 

Some of the cakes include white chocolate and mandarin cheesecake, Baileys and milk chocolate tart, orange and almond cake, and passionfruit and white chocolate cheesecake.

All in all, Off Center is a great place with a nice atmosphere to sit back, have a coffee or to get some work done and be productive.

WHERE:  2/12 Kingsway, Launceston.

WHEN: Monday to Thursday from 8am-3pm and 7pm-10pm. Friday 8am-3pm.


ALL SMILES: Banjo Lockhart at his Off Center cafe in the Kingsway, Launceston.

ALL SMILES: Banjo Lockhart at his Off Center cafe in the Kingsway, Launceston.

Mojo Music

Mojo Music is a mix of most cafe goers favourite things; good music, coffee and food.

It has a friendly, chilled out atmosphere to it and is a great place to grab a coffee and to catch up with some friends whilst listening to tunes both new and old. 

With a fresh looking music shop integrated into the space also, it gives their customers a chance to catch up on the latest hits and albums. 

The area inside incorporates the music side of the shop by transferring it into the furniture and the way the store is decorated. 

With records and band posters plastered along the walls, its’ an ideal cafe for both everyday consumers and music lovers alike. 

With a lot to offer, Mojo Music is a spot to consider for your next meet up, coffee or even brunch.

WHERE: 81 Brisbane Street, Launceston.

WHEN: Monday to Friday from 8am-5.30pm. Saturday 8.30am-4pm. Sunday 9am-1pm.


Hug-A-Mug is a fresh café with a nice but sometimes busy atmosphere.

It seems a great choice for those around the Kings Meadows area.

Although it is more of a restaurant styled café it still sells a good coffee and a great hot chocolate. 

With all day breakfast many more customers will visit Hug-A-Mug as all day breakfast is not something that is offered in many cafes or food establishments. 

As such it provides many students who don’t start the school day until later on a chance to catch up on some sleep and grab breakfast at a later time. 

Although Hug-A-Mug is a little way out of town it is definitely worth a look with such a great atmosphere and all day breakfast menu there is no reason not to put it on your list to visit.

WHERE: 139-143 Hobart Road, Kings Meadows.

WHEN: Monday-Thursday 7am-4pm, Saturday 8am-2pm.

Coffee Republic

The Coffee Republic is a fresh but small, almost “alleyway like” Coffee shop. 

It sells drinks only, but offers a wide variety of coffees with varying flavours as well as specialty flavoured hot chocolates, including banana hot chocolates.

As well as their collection of hot drinks, they also sell cold drinks like milkshakes, thick shakes, iced drinks and their specialty “freezers”. 

The coffee republic is a fresh cafe with a funky and slightly rustic interior. 

Although there is only a single table inside there is more than enough seating outside for those wanting to have a coffee in the fresh air rather than grabbing a coffee to go. 

In short The Coffee Republic is a great place to grab a great drink in a rush or even to stop by before work. 

Although small, it delivers much in the way of variety and quick service. 

WHERE:  Brisbane Street Mall, Launceston.


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