Luca Brasi enjoy life on tour

It can be a challenge for a Tasmanian band trying to make a name for itself around the country.

But key to survival and success is sticking together and working hard.

Punk-rock group Luca Brasi’s Thomas Busby knows all too well of the struggles a young musician faces when pursuing their dreams.

This year, the band starred on Triple J’s feature album of the week in the month of April.

It allowed them to receive a significant amount of support from the wider Australian community.

From a recent sold-out tour to “wild” shows on the East Coast of Tasmania, starting off as a band could not be a more exciting time for young Australians.

“The main thing was having a good attitude,” Busby said.

“It was just a matter of being willing to hit the road and to play as many shows as we could without getting fired, dumped, or kicked out of uni.”

Busby is studying with the hopes of working in public policy development, as he knows that being a member of a band does not provide a stable income.

However, with the lows comes the highs.

Busby believes there are many rewarding aspects of being a member of a band, including the many faces they meet along the way.

“We have met some of the most incredible, talented, sweetest human beings on the planet,” Busby said.

“What a time to be alive!” 

Live music is something that is particularly fulfilling for Busby.

He enjoys the up-close-and-personal experience with your favourite bands.

But he also loves to share moments with a diverse range of people.

“Personally, I love going out to see bands, and through doing so I have enriched my life through discovering great music,” Busby said.

“I have also made long lasting friendships.”

FUN TIMES: Luca Brasi are enjoying the ride as their tour route expands from Tasmania's East Coast to Europe. Picture: Scott Gelston

FUN TIMES: Luca Brasi are enjoying the ride as their tour route expands from Tasmania's East Coast to Europe. Picture: Scott Gelston

All bands have to start somewhere, and some of today’s biggest bands all started off in their respective local towns and suburbs.

“Some of my favourite bands ever are smaller, local-type bands, some of which end up blowing up and becoming really successful.”

In order for bands to be successful, Busby said that all members must be in agreeance and share similar goals.

“All sorts of things can impede a band’s ability to move forward.”

“But if you work together through any problems and help each other out, you’ll be a better band for it.”

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