Artist a marvel of comic life

Web slinging his way through art, Brown started working for Marvel a year ago.

He was born in Burnie and went to Ulverstone High School.

He started drawing when he was about five and was always into drawing cartoon characters.

Brown learnt his style on his own, and although his dad was an artist, he had little influence over Brown’s art.

Brown started working for the Examiner when he was 20 as a graphic designer doing covers for papers. 

“Not a job where I could do my art,” Brown said.

But it kept him creative.

“My true passion was art.” 

He worked at the Examiner for eight-and-a-half years, and was posting his own art online for the world to see using Deviant Art.

Joker and Harley Quinn, of the Suicide Squad.

Joker and Harley Quinn, of the Suicide Squad.

PACKS A PUNCH: Pat Brown's artwork used to promote Captain America: Civil War.

PACKS A PUNCH: Pat Brown's artwork used to promote Captain America: Civil War.

Last year Marvel emailed Brown out of the blue after his Guardians of the Galaxy piece went viral, asking if he wanted to do some projects with them.

Pat Brown in his home studio.

Pat Brown in his home studio.

“I leaped at the chance to work with Marvel,” he said.

Six months later Brown left the security of The Examiner and transitioned to freelance using Marvel to support him.

His work is based around character art and promotion.

The work he does for Marvel will be seen on products around the world.

He has just signed a contract for up to three more years working with Marvel.

Brown has worked on Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers, but his dream is to one day draw a Spider-man series for Marvel.



Over the years, Brown has gained an understanding on human anatomy, but his always trying to improve and work on new techniques.

Brown calls his style of art, comic art but, sometimes he takes a more realistic point on his drawings. Brown’s idols are Ryan Ottley and Humberto Ramos. 

Ottley is known for his ‘Invincible’ series and Ramos still currently works for Marvel.

Brown is leaving Tasmania and is on his way to America for the New York Comic Con in October.

Marvel have set him up with his own table alongside long-time friend Bobby who is selling his comic series Ground Fury.

Brown will sell his prints and have the opportunity to meet his idols who will also be at comic con.

“Always keep your art interesting and fun for yourself.

Artwork of the game Witcher 3.

Artwork of the game Witcher 3.

“Enjoy what you do and create, keeping it interesting will fuel your motivation and don’t be afraid to share your art - it will open up opportunities,” Brown said for all the upcoming artist.

He still posts his fan art on Deviant Art for the world to see when he isn’t doing a project for Marvel.

This Tasmanian freelance artist now has products around the world under the massive Marvel brand, and while he may be an artist for the company, at heart he will always be a fan.


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