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Mr Wiens has been a calendar model, has his own Facebook page and has a wardrobe full of colour costumes. MANIKA DADSON reports.

BEING a model comes with a lot of different outfit changes - something Mr Wiens knows all too well.

Mr Wiens is a four-year-old sausage dog, but he isn't just any dog.

The well-trained Mr Wiens can transform into all sorts of characters - from Superdog, to an elf and even a hotdog.

He also fits in well with other Tasmanians when he wears his trendy red puffer jacket.

Mr Wiens is the pet "son" of Alex McKenzie and his fiancee Emma Blaxland, both of South Launceston.

The couple started dressing up Mr Wiens "as a bit of fun" when he was about six months old.

"We got him the hotdog suit for a laugh and then we kept going," Mr McKenzie said.

Miss Blaxland said they liked dressing Mr Wiens up for holidays, such as Christmas and Easter.

"We normally dress him up in Christmas stuff, take photos and then send it to our family and friends on Christmas cards," she said.

Mr Wiens also got to star in a calendar a few years back, which Miss Blaxland and Mr McKenzie made for their family and friends.

"We took photos of him and one of his friends dressed up in different seasons," Miss Blaxland said.

"We did a winter-themed one, an autumn-themed one and a beach one.

"It's just so cute to dress them up and they look so sweet."

Mr Wiens clearly loves playing dress-ups, too.

His colourful outfits - mostly blue, red and green - hang in a tiny wardrobe made by his builder "dad".

There is a Santa costume, a crocodile one, a bow-tie and even a blue and white T-shirt and scarf, which matches an outfit that Mr McKenzie wears.

"I've got the same shirt as that one and Wiens and I have the same scarf," Mr McKenzie said.

"My brothers bought me the shirts a couple of years ago ... we don't usually wear it out of the house."

On the day of his interview, Mr Wiens enjoyed sniffing the outfits and was only too happy to sit patiently when his dad put on his blue and white top and his Superdog outfit.

Although, you can't let Mr Wiens fool you.

Miss Blaxland said he "is pretty naughty".

"We have a book in which we've written all the naughty stories that he has done," she said. "We have to update that often."

Mr McKenzie believes Petbarn is Mr Wiens' favourite shop as it's where most of his outfits come from and where he gets treats. Other outfits are from eBay.

And while Mr Wiens does like getting dressed up, it isn't a regular occurrence.

"We normally just do it around the house," Miss Blaxland said.

"He has a Facebook page, so we take photos and put it on my Instagram or on his Facebook page."

When it comes to Mr Weins' parents' clothes tastes, his mum is usually in active wear, while his dad likes bright colours.

"I wear lots of active wear because I'm a physio, so I spend most of my time in that," Miss Blaxland said.

Mr Wiens' Facebook page is called Mr Wiens.

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