No Bull - couple 'charged' on wedding day

IT was the photobomb pulled off with perfect precision, but this local groom took a 'no bull' approach when it came to his wedding photos and his blushing bride.

In a dreamy scene as the sun set on Tamworth on Monday afternoon, newlywed Breeza couple Brian and Rebecca Pepper ventured out onto a paddock for their first photos as husband and wife.

With their bridal party and photographer Rachel Deane in tow it was a picture perfect moment - until a curious young bull decided it was time for his close up.

As Ms Deane snapped each frame of the happy couple, the bull was edging closer and closer and moved in on Mrs Pepper and sniffed her dress.

"We're both from farming families and we're quite comfortable around cattle and we weren't worried at that point," Mrs Pepper told The Leader yesterday.

"My biggest worry was I'd get drool on my dress."

Mrs Pepper said the bull wandered off for a moment and then came back with his head down and "looking a bit toey."

The couple then heard footsteps and turned around to see the bull running towards them.

"Brian turned around and chased him off off," she said. "He was like, I'm going to show you who's boss!."

"He was only a young bull and was just saying, "come on this is my paddock, what do you think you're doing here?"

The two small children in the bridal party were scooped up quickly by the adults nearby but Mr Pepper's antics were much to the delight of the young pageboy.

"Uncle Brian chased off the bull," he said.

It wasn't long before the couple rolled on to their wedding reception and shared their tale with their friends and family.

"We just want to say a huge thank you to Rachel, she's done such a wonderful job," Mrs Pepper said.

Ms Deane, an experienced photographer, told us it was "definitely a first" for her in her career.

"It was pretty daunting awsell," she said.

"It was a dreamy moment and we were getting the sun coming through and then he started charging."

Ms Deane said the caption possibilities for for the photo were endless - one of her favourites was "groom charged on wedding day."

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