Lyons mayors call for funding

A PUSH to reconsider the $100 million federal forestry peace deal funds for Tasmania was one aspect raised at a Lyons mayors forum at Perth yesterday.

Ten of the 13 municipalities in Lyons were represented at a meeting with Lyons Liberal MHR Eric Hutchinson, Lyons Liberal MHA Mark Shelton and state parliamentary secretary Guy Barnett.

Mr Hutchinson said the meeting was an ideal way to conduct cohesive discussions with all levels of government in the electorate.

"What we're trying to do here is have a co-ordinated and strategic approach so the three levels of government can work effectively together," he said.

"I want to get results out of this, there is no point in meeting just for discussion, I want to get results."

Central Highlands Mayor Deirdre Flint said she was still pushing to see projects granted as part of the government's $100 million pledge.

"I'm really urging the federal government for the monies that haven't been approved for business cases they considered and putting them back into the Central Highlands," Cr Flint said.

Meander Valley Mayor Craig Perkins said he was interested in funding for sustainable energy infrastructure, such as solar power.

Cr Perkins said Port Augusta in South Australia had become a wholly solar community, something the council could consider.

"We're really keen to have that conversation with him, about how that might work, and how we might participate in that," he said.

"If at the end of the day it stacks up . . . I'm sure we'd be very open-minded to it."

Bridge development and a primary healthcare co-ordinator at Longford were among topics highlighted by Northern Midlands deputy mayor David Downie.

Representatives from Brighton, Tasman and Break O'Day councils were not present.