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PETER Brewer is a Ford man.

He owns a 1966 Ford Mustang and 1961 Ford Galaxie Starliner - a muscle car and a cruiser, as he describes it.

Mr Brewer said the starliner is an extremely rare car, especially in Australia, with (at last count) only single figures listed in the Ford Galaxie Club of America.

"They only made this distinct shape in one year in 1961 and there was only a limited number of that style," he said.

"The starliner was advertised for sale in the USA and I bid for it on an auction site, only to lose it.

"Coincidentally it came up for sale later, at which time a friend of mine was in the USA visiting family and purchasing cars, so he arranged to view the car and purchased it for me from Greeley in Colorado about three years ago.

"I have always had a passion for Mustangs and Galaxies.

"For me it is a lot about working on them, improving them, playing with them and not necessarily using them.

"I enjoy doing the mechanical repairs and improvements on the cars - what we have done to the Galaxie is only improve a lot of detail, chrome work etc just to take it to another level."

The vehicle was restored by well-known Carriage House Classics, Colorado, in 2009 and featured in America's Modified Mustang and Ford Magazine in 2011.

Mr Brewer said the left-hand drive Galaxie was smooth to drive, while his Mustang was the more powerful alternative.

The galaxie boasts an FE 390 engine with tripower induction, FMX auto and nine-inch rear end.

"I'm just a passionate Ford person - that evolved from my childhood," Mr Brewer said.

"I had a few years away from cars building a home and having a family, but find it it is my release.

"I enjoy a day in the workshop, especially nowadays, with like-minded friends and with my enthusiastic 13-year-old son who is looking for his first project.

"The mustang is my favourite and we have made substantial changes to this car, making it a beautiful car.

"For me, it is about the effort that goes into them."


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