'Raging' addiction a shock

A COURT has heard of the tragic consequences of a "raging" drug addiction of a Launceston mother .

Yesterday the Launceston Magistrates Court heard the depth of Kate Alexandra Brady's addiction to drugs such as methamphetamine shocked even those closest to her.

Brady, 26, pleaded guilty to several more charges relating to her drug use, bringing the total number of offences - most involving drug-driving, minor drug dealing and other traffic breaches - to 46.

In July, Brady was caught driving 35km/h over the speed limit at Mowbray while under the influence of amphetamine.

The unlicensed driver told police she was on her way to pick up her child from school.

Then, earlier this month she was stopped by police at Ravenswood just after 8am, again unlicensed and in breach of bail .

After being taken to the Launceston General Hospital she refused a drug test and was charged.

Police prosecutor Brett Steele said further charges were pending from an incident on August 10 where she was caught drug-driving.

Now in custody, Brady wrote a letter to the court expressing relief that her "shame is no longer a secret".

She also told magistrate Reg Marron she was somewhat grateful for being in custody, which forced her to detox.

Mr Marron said her "raging drug" addiction would mean she would continue to crave drugs and he was concerned about her ability to care for her children.

"The only thing going to work for you is residential rehab - it's either that or jail," he said.

Her father told the court that he was in the process of selling family property to buy a home in Launceston to help with the children's care.

"We were not aware of the gravity of the situation," he said.