VIDEO: Bands to battle in Rock Challenge


MUSIC greatness was emanating from Riverside High School yesterday in preparation for the upcoming 2014 Rock Challenge.

Up to 50 Riverside High students took part in the two-day music workshops that will see bands and performers on stage next Thursday night to battle it out for a position in the annual Rock Challenge, scheduled for next month.

The Examiner spoke to one member of each of the four bands hoping for a spot in the major challenge.

This included Sheena Rawlinson, 16, of Quintessential, Harrison Sondergeld, 15, of Alexis, Reilly Boyd, 16, of Chapter 4, and Ethan Harvey, 15, of Looking for Leroy.

On Thursday each band will play two cover songs and an original.

Harrison, who is the drummer of last year's State Rock Challenge winning band Alexis, said the competitions provided a great opportunity for bands to get their name out in the music industry.

"This year we are trying to fight for victory again," Harrison said.

Chapter 4 is a relatively new band, but lead vocalist Reilly Boyd has been singing since she was three.

Their inspiration comes from five-piece pop punk band Tonight Alive, and US rock band Paramore.

Quintessential is a five female-member band, who each sing and play an instrument.

"We are different from everyone else and are interested in seeing audience reactions on the night," Sheena said.

The final band Looking for Leroy is inspired by Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and is named after the singer's brother's girlfriend's cat, who went missing and is yet to be found.

"Battle of the Bands is a starting point for a lot of bands, and if they stay together, they can improve and have a chance at winning," Ethan said.


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