Standage jury to retire tomorrow

JURORS in the double murder trial of Stephen Roy Standage will begin their deliberations tomorrow morning.

Mr Standage has pleaded not guilty to killing Ronald Frederick Jarvis in 1992 or John Lewis Thorn in 2006.

Justice Stephen Estcourt finished his summary of the prosecution and defence arguments this afternoon.

Justice Estcourt again reiterated to the jury that the issue at hand was whether they were satisfied beyond reasonable doubt Mr Standage voluntarily and intentionally shot and killed one or both men.

He said jurors must judge the case solely on evidence and exhibits seen and heard during the five-month hearing.

''Tomorrow you should put any emotions or prejudices about criminal behaviour or society in general to one side,'' Justice Estcourt said.

''Any of those sorts of feelings have no place in a criminal trial.''

The jury was told they should not be concerned about the consequences of the verdicts they arrive at, with responsibility beyond that point resting with Justice Estcourt.

One of two reserve jurors, who has been part of the Supreme Court hearing since March, will be excused from service before deliberations begin.

The other reserve juror will take part in deliberations, after one member of the primary jury was excused from the trial several weeks ago.

The trial continues.