Standage trial: Jurors urged to find 'right verdict'

CLOSING addresses in the long-running murder trial of Kalangadoo man Stephen Roy Standage have drawn to a close.

Mr Standage is accused of shooting dead John Lewis Thorn in 2006 and Ronald Frederick Jarvis in 1992.

He has pleaded not guilty to both killings.

Defence lawyer Tamara Jago, SC, told jurors this morning that the evidence against her client came "nowhere near" proving beyond reasonable doubt that he committed either crime.

Ms Jago urged jurors to deliver "the right verdict", and find Mr Standage not guilty.

Justice Stephen Estcourt has now begun his directions, explaining elements of law and responsibilities of the jury.

He has told them they can find him guilty, not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter, or not guilty to either or both murder charges.

Justice Estcourt will soon summarise all evidence, arguments and issues in the case, before directing the jury to retire to consider their verdicts.

The trial continues.