Car lands on roof in Norwood crash

A SEDAN ended up on its roof in Norwood Avenue last night, much to the shock of nearby residents.

Police were unable to confirm the cause of the crash, which happened just after 8pm, although no one was injured.

No charges have been laid, although a Norwood St resident, who did not want to be named, alleged that "hooning'' caused the car to flip.

``The same thing happened to another car about three or four nights ago,'' the woman said. ``You'd be surprised how much you see here of a Friday night, especially when it's raining.

``They're always doing burn outs.''

The woman said that there were four people in the vehicle during the crash last night, however police could not confirm the reports.

Another man, who heard the crash called the street ''a nightmare''.

``I've been here about 10 years and this has been a problem ever since I have been here.''

Police will not be investigating the incident.