Man fined for headbutting bar patron

A LAUNCESTON man has been fined after he pleaded guilty to headbutting another man in a bar.

Matthew John Lowe, 31, was due to contest three counts of common assault at a hearing in the Launceston Magistrates Court today.

However, Lowe changed his plea to guilty at the last minute, and two counts were withdrawn by the prosecution.

Police prosecutor Trudie Lusted told the court that about 1.30am on June 16 last year, Lowe and the victim were in O'Keefe's Hotel in George Street, Launceston.

She said that Lowe headbutted the man, who stumbled backwards.

Onlookers tried to separate the two and hotel security intervened before police arrived.

Defence solicitor Grant Tucker said his client's headbutt was not a particularly vicious one and had made contact with the side of the man's head, not his face.

He said Lowe had apologised to his victim, who did not suffer injuries, and they were now friends.

Mr Tucker said the man had not made a formal complaint to police.

Magistrate Simon Brown noted that the headbutt was not on the most serious end of the scale, and convicted and fined Lowe $250.