Jail for man who assaulted partner

A LAUNCESTON man who head-butted and punched his former partner has been jailed.

Nathan John Jones, 31, faced sentencing today for assault, seven breaches of a family violence order, three firearms offences and three counts of unlicensed driving.

Magistrate Tim Hill said the crimes were serious and jailed Jones for nine months, backdated to July 9, with the last three months suspended for two years.

He noted that Jones was already serving a Supreme Court jail sentence of four months, with the last two months suspended, dated from May 9.

The court had previously heard that Jones entered the complainant's house through the roof, and when she hid under a table he lowered himself to the ground and head-butted and punched her.

Jones' other offences against the woman included following her to Launceston Police Headquarters, where he yelled abuse and hit the driver's side window of her car while she was still inside, forcing her to beep the car horn until police came outside.

He also left a gold bullet, which matched the bullets for a firearm he illegally possessed, with an abusive handwritten note, in the complainant's house.