Accused murderer will not call witnesses

AN accused double murderer will not give evidence or call any witnesses in his defence, a court has heard.

Stephen Roy Standage, 61, has been charged with shooting dead Ronald Frederick Jarvis in July 1992 and John Lewis Thorn in August 2006.

He has pleaded not guilty to both killings.

The Crown concluded its case against Mr Standage at the Supreme Court in Hobart this morning, after the last of about 180 witnesses finished giving evidence.

Defence lawyer Tamara Jago, SC, told the court her client would offer no further evidence.

Closing addresses from prosecution and defence counsels are scheduled to start on Monday, July 28.

Justice Stephen Estcourt told the jury the process could take several weeks, warning them the segment of the trial could prove a little wearing.

Justice Estcourt will then sum up all the evidence in the trial before asking the jury to retire to consider a verdict.