Three-month sentence for unprovoked hit


POLICE have welcomed the jailing of a coward's punch attacker.

Kye Mathew John Langdon, 25, of Montrose, was sentenced on Thursday in the Hobart Magistrates Court for assaults committed about 3am on November 30, 2013, at the taxi rank in Castray Esplanade at Salamanca.

Langdon was jailed for three months.

He punched his victim so hard in the head, that the man's eardrum burst.

Langdon fractured his own knuckles in the attack.

CCTV footage shows a Montrose man, 25, who was jailed after a coward's punch attack at Salamanca in November 2013.

Minutes earlier, Langdon had assaulted another man at the taxi rank by pushing him over the railing and smacking him in the face. He was also convicted of that assault.

Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Joel, of Hobart, said the attack was unprovoked and cowardly.

"Violence of any sort is unacceptable and this sort of violence is particularly cowardly," he said.

"It shows that one punch can cause serious injury and it also shows that one punch can result in jail time.

"The message to anyone who thinks it's entertainment to hit someone else, is to think seriously about whether you want to end up in jail."