Alleged killer told cop of drug dealers

AN ALLEGED double murderer provided Launceston police with "off the record" information about drug dealers, a court has heard.

Kalangadoo man Stephen Roy Standage has pleaded not guilty to shooting dead Ronald Frederick Jarvis in 1992 or John Lewis Thorn in 2006.

The Supreme Court in Hobart has heard Mr Standage had drug associations with both murder victims.

Former Launceston Drug Squad Sergeant Patrick Groves said he knew the accused well growing up, but the two had fallen out of contact as adults.

Jurors were told their paths crossed again after drug squad officers searched Mr Standage's landscaping business.

The court heard the accused telephoned Mr Groves several times while he was stationed at the squad between 1990 and 1995.

"He would give me information in respect of people dealing drugs," the witness said.

He said details of their conversations were recorded on police information sheets.

However, the court heard the sheets have not been found.

Defence lawyer Tamara Jago put it to Mr Groves the conversations never occurred, the sheets did not exist, and Mr Standage had never acted as a police informant.

The witness rejected the claims, insisting the conversations had occurred and were documented.

Mr Groves said during their conversations, there was never any mention of the circumstances surrounding Ronald Jarvis's death or allegations the murder victim recycled confiscated cannabis and was killed by police.

Jurors were told the Launceston drug squad was later disbanded over claims of corruption.

Mr Groves told the court corruption issues were limited to one officer who started work towards the end of his time at the squad.

Earlier, the court heard a secret recording from 2010 when Mr Standage told undercover officers Mr Jarvis was a "waster" and drug dealer who owed police money.

"He got knocked by the cops," the accused told operatives.

"No one's ever been charged [with his murder] ... the cops aren't going to charge themselves."

The trial continues.