Undercover officers take stand in murder trial

TWO undercover officers who befriended an accused killer and his partner as part of a cold case investigation into two murders have given evidence of their covert operation.

Kalangadoo man Stephen Roy Standage has pleaded not guilty to shooting dead John Lewis Thorn in 2006 or Ronald Frederick Jarvis in 1992.

Jurors in the Supreme Court hearing against Mr Standage today heard information about ``Operation Muster'', in which the officers assumed false identities and engaged the accused.

Jurors heard one officer was introduced into the investigation in November 2009, tasked primarily with developing and maintaining a relationship with the Mr Standage's partner.

Another operative entered the investigation in February 2010 and befriended the accused.

Jurors heard both officers used recording devices to record conversations with each of the ''targets''.

One officer told the court Mr Standage spoke to him of where Mr Thorn was killed, how he was murdered and his theories as to why the man was slain.