Speeding, phone use top Operation Zero

Police have wrapped up the 24-hour road blitz known as Operation Zero.

Operation Zero saw police cracking down on drivers who break road rules, issuing a range of tickets and cautions for varying offences.

Speeding and using a mobile phone while driving were the two most-frequent offences.

The blitz finished just before midnight last night.

Assistant Commissioner Donna Adams said that it was disappointing that so many drivers were caught breaking the road rules.

“It’s part of Operation Zero – increasing awareness around following all the road rules, all the time. Any breach of the rules can result in a crash and no one wants to be in that position,'' Ms Adams said.

Operation Zero preliminary results

  • Disobey lights/Road Markings – 38 cautions, 74 infringements
  • Failing to give way or indicate – 9 cautions, 4 infringements
  • Mobile phone offences – 56 cautions, 76 infringements
  • Restraint (seatbelt) offences – 31 cautions, 31 infringements
  • 8 drink driving offences
  • 8 positive drug tests
  • Speeding offences – 133 infringements, 59 cautions