Guilty plea to drug-debt robbery

A man who committed armed robbery in Moonah to pay off a menacing drug-dealer has told the court he's disgusted with himself.

Southern man Kurtis Leigh Branch pleaded guilty to using a Bowie knife or similar to rob the Valern Hotel of nearly $8000 in March.

Today in his sentencing remarks Chief Justice Alan Blow said the robbery has terrified a female bar attendant who suffered ongoing psychological harm. 

Chief Justice Blow said Branch had a history of drug abuse and the robbery was done to pay off a drug debt after being threatened with being bashed.

``It counts in your favour that you are disgusted with yourself for what you did,'' he said.

Following the robbery Branch dropped a lot of the cash on the street with $3,760 being recovered.

Chief Justice Blow ordered he repay the hotel just over $4000.

He sentenced Branch to two years jail with a non-parole period of 12 months.