Mayor Cadart: I was taken out of context

GLAMORGAN Spring Bay Mayor Bertrand Cadart
GLAMORGAN Spring Bay Mayor Bertrand Cadart

GLAMORGAN Spring Bay Mayor Bertrand Cadart says he was taken out of context when he was quoted making disparaging comments about his constituents.

Cr Cadart was quoted in a national magazine feature on the Triabunna mill, describing the town as an ''ugly spot'', saying the people had ''no concept of aesthetics'' and that he did not ``really give a s--- about these people''.

However, Cr Cadart said his published remarks had been taken out of context.

``I was invited to give an interview . . . and I had no idea about the rest of the story,'' he said yesterday.

``I don't blame people (who) misinterpret things . . . and what I meant, still mean and I will stand by, is that I don't give a s--- about people as such.

``I don't give a s--- about what people do in my region as long as it is good for the region - I am not prejudiced to be inclined to be for or against anything.

``The delivery was not exactly the best in what went to print . . . and now I am going to have to explain to the people what I meant.''

Cr Cadart said he had no idea if plans for the woodchip mill at Triabunna would come to fruition.

The monthly article focuses on environmentalists Jan Cameron and Graeme Wood's purchase of the Triabunna woodchip mill in a candid Alec Marr admits to deliberately trashing the Triabunna mill infrastructure to ensure that it was never used to export woodchips.  

State Resources Minister Paul Harriss said the article exposed the ``disgraceful tactics of the environmental movement''. 

``It makes sickening reading, yet reveals the depths to which these extremists will sink to achieve their goal of shutting down an industry,'' Mr Harriss said. 


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