Jail 'inevitable' for armed robber

A LAUNCESTON man was forced to hand over his car after being tied up and assaulted by a former Facebook flame and her accomplice.

Samantha Ashley Chevoux (also known as Prewer), 24, formerly of Mayfield, pleaded guilty to aggravated armed robbery in January last year.

Yesterday Launceston's Supreme Court heard Chevoux blamed the victim, who she had met on Facebook, for trashing her unit.

On January 25 last year she lured the man into her Mayfield apartment where a male accomplice hit the man on the head with a baseball bat, the court heard.

The victim was blindfolded while Chevoux placed a belt around his neck and pulled it tight.

His keys and wallet were taken.

The duo told the man he would be chopped up and thrown in a bin, stating they had evidence he'd torched Chevoux's bin.

Cleaning liquid was then poured into his mouth.

The man was made to sign his car's registration papers, handing ownership over to Chevoux.

He was then taken into the car and driven around where further threats were made.

Crown prosecutor John Ransom said the couple threatened to kill the victim's dog.

They drove him to Evandale where he was freed.

The man walked to Launceston Airport and reported what had happened about 2.45am.

The accused were intercepted at Wynyard where Chevoux told police she'd legitimately bought the car.

Mr Ransom said the incident occurred while Chevoux was on an undertaking of good behaviour for stealing.

Defence counsel Alan Hensley said his client suffered anxiety and had been using methamphetamine in the lead- up to the armed robbery.

Mr Hensley said Chevoux held a genuine belief the victim had destroyed her property although she "ran into a hurdle" when he refused to accept responsibility.

He said the defence did not contend the man was actually responsible.

Following the incident she sought counselling and had given up drugs.

"She is remorseful," he said, stating the incident was out of character.

Justice Robert Pearce said a jail term was inevitable, remanding Chevoux in custody until August 8 for sentence.