Revolver charges

POLICE have charged a man and a woman after officers allege they found a loaded revolver in their car, in about the 10th reported firearm incident in the Launceston area in a little over two months.

Officers stopped a Ford Falcon sedan for a routine traffic intercept in Elphin Road in the early hours yesterday.

Police searched the car and its occupants.

Officers allege that they discovered a loaded .38 revolver in the driver's possession, while the front-seat passenger is alleged to have had two speedloader cartridges, each with six rounds of ammunition, for a different type of firearm. 

A speedloader is designed to reduce the time and effort needed to reload a firearm.

Northern Acting Inspector John Parker said police suspected the firearm and speedloaders were stolen property.

Police have charged a Glenorchy man, 24, with firearms offences, unlawful possession of property and drug-driving.

They also charged a Hobart woman, 32, with drug offences, possession of dangerous articles and   assaulting  police.

Acting Inspector Parker alleged that the woman, while being arrested, spat directly into the face of a uniformed policeman at close range.

The co-accused will face court at a later date.

Officers also arrested a Mayfield man, 30, but he was released without charge.

Police urge anyone with information about the origins of the firearm or speedloaders to call Launceston detectives on 6336 3701 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Between July 2013 and April this year, 192 firearms have been stolen statewide, while there have been 16 unlawful discharge of firearm incidents reported.

Email ctang@examiner.

Recent firearm incidents reported in the Launceston area: 

 June 10, Kings Meadows: Drive-by shooting of an occupied car.

 June 5, Newstead: Theft of 14 registered firearms.

 June 5, Launceston: Drugs, cash, loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun seized from a four-star hotel.

 June 3, Kings Meadows: Shooting of a pet cat in its own backyard.

 May 22, Ravenswood: Attempted armed robbery of a club.

 May 22, Ravenswood: Drive-by shooting of an occupied house.

 May 1, Ravenswood: An armed man threatened residents.

 April 25, Norwood: Drive-by shooting of a car.

 April 1, Newnham: Theft of 13 registered firearms.