Drugs, gun parts found

COLD case police officers discovered drugs, gun parts and a tree stump riddled with bullets at an accused killer's property four years after one of his alleged victims was murdered, a court has heard.

John Lewis Thorn was found shot dead in dense Lake Leake bushland in August 2006.

Kalangadoo man Stephen Roy Standage has pleaded not guilty to Mr Thorn's murder, and not guilty to murdering Ronald Frederick Jarvis 14 years earlier.

Two police photographers gave evidence in the Supreme Court hearing against the accused yesterday. The forensics officers attended Mr Standage's property in September 2010, tasked with capturing images of items and areas deemed "of interest" to detectives investigating the victim's murder.

Recently retired senior constable Philip Midson showed the court a series of photographs he took of a rifle bolt and magazine, found in Mr Standage's bedroom. Photographs were also taken of a firearms licence and gun literature discovered in another room.

Mr Midson said officers found live ammunition and spent shotgun cartridge casings inside a garden shed, and multiple cannabis stashes in dense bushland around the property.

The court heard stick and rock formations were also photographed as evidence, which Mr Midson said he believed were put in place to mark the path to a drug compound at the site.

Senior Constable Karen Brown said she was responsible for examining a 2-metre tree stump, which appeared to have holes in it. The court heard she and another officer peeled a strip of bark off the tree, uncovering a copper bullet.

Senior Constable Brown said several more bullets were found lodged deeper inside the tree that were photographed and seized as evidence. The court heard two 44-gallon drums were also photographed, which Senior Constable Brown said appeared to have bullet holes in them.

The trial continues on Monday.