Tattooist here to show body of work

WORLD record-holding stunt rider, former Crusty Demon motorcyclist, guitarist and tattooist Seth Enslow is working his art in Launceston this week.

Enslow makes the journey from California to Australia every few months, touring tattoo parlours across the country.

It's a chance to catch up with old friends, make money and continue travelling, he said.

``I did the world record Harley jump in Sydney - I jumped 300 feet in the longest dirt bike jump in Victoria,'' Enslow said yesterday.

``Two of my biggest accomplishments of my career were in Australia. I've been coming here for so long, I keep coming back . . . it's like a second home.''

He said tattooing was the second chapter of his life since the end of Crusty Demons in 2010.

``I did it, done it, got paid for it, I travelled the world - it was a good run,'' Enslow said.

``Happy to still be walking and talking, I had a few friends die in the last few years on motorcycles, a few get put in wheelchairs, they're paraplegics for the rest of their life.

``I feel blessed and lucky that I'm still healthy.''

As long as he can cover costs, Enslow said he would continue travelling to Tasmania to ride with mates like Mowbray tattooist Avery Harwood.

``If I'm getting paid, I'll do pretty much anything,'' he said.

``I'll build you a house, put a roof on your house, pour concrete, lay tiles, I'll do whatever for money.''

Enslow said the sessions also enabled him to connect with people such as Simon Corkery, who has followed his career and was yesterday getting a skull emblazoned into his forearm.

``It's more than just a tattoo, we can hang out, ask questions, shoot the s---,'' Enslow said.

The dirt bike legend will leave Launceston for Mackay, Queensland, this weekend.

Former Crusty Demons star  Seth Enslow at work tattooing at Mowbray this week. Picture: SCOTT GELSTON

Former Crusty Demons star Seth Enslow at work tattooing at Mowbray this week. Picture: SCOTT GELSTON


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