10 years for killing gay lover

Paul Darcey Armstrong
Paul Darcey Armstrong

A LAUNCESTON man who savagely beat his gay lover to death in a Sydney park after discovering the man was HIV-positive has been jailed for nearly 10 years, with a judge declaring that the discovery was "not a particularly serious provocation" given the killer's "cavalier" attitude to sex.

Late on the night of September 2, 1991, Paul Darcey Armstrong, then 28, inflicted a "savage and brutal" attack on Ecuadorian man Filipe Flores, 27, in a park near the infamous "lovers' lane" at Woolloomoolloo.

Mr Flores suffered major internal injuries, including a ruptured liver and spleen and broken ribs, and serious facial and head injuries.

He was found lying naked in a secluded spot, having been dragged there with his pants still around his ankles by Armstrong.

Armstrong was arrested at his Newnham home in 2008 by members of the NSW Police Unsolved Homicide Team and Launceston CIB and extradited to NSW.