Son screamed at finding body: witness

A SUPREME Court jury has been told of the moment a murdered man's body was discovered by his son.

John Lewis Thorn was allegedly shot dead in remote Lake Leake bushland in August 2006.

Former State Emergency Service member Oliver Breeze gave evidence yesterday in the hearing against Mr Thorn's alleged killer.

Stephen Roy Standage has pleaded not guilty to the murder, and has also pleaded not guilty to killing 37-year-old Ronald Frederick Jarvis 14 years earlier.

Mr Breeze told the court he had been acquainted with Mr Thorn for some years, and had travelled to Lake Leake two days after his disappearance to help search for the then-missing man.

The court heard he, Mr Thorn's son Adam Thorn and another search party member had set off north of where Mr Thorn's vehicle had earlier been located to try and track him down.

Mr Breeze said the men first saw fresh footprints, tyre marks and a discarded bag in the area that they were searching.

He said they then noticed drag marks across a bush track, and combed the area for more signs of disturbance.

``I recall seeing a stump that had been cut off, very clearly and very fresh,'' Mr Breeze said.

The court heard it was then that the slain man's body was sighted.

``We were in close proximity to the stump and Adam screamed `f---, there he is','' Mr Breeze said.

``There was an immense amount of emotion and screaming. Adam was very agitated and I wanted to preserve the scene.''

The court heard Adam was tackled to the ground as he tried to run towards his father's body, before being taken from the area.

Mr Breeze said Adam collapsed on to the track, crying hysterically and slamming his fist against the ground.

``I recall him saying `my son will never know his grandfather','' he said.

``He did say, `I knew something like this was going to happen at some stage', or words to that effect.''

Under cross-examination, Mr Breeze said he was aware Mr Thorn may have been ``mixed up'' in drugs.

Mr Breeze will continue giving evidence when the trial resumes on Monday.