Officer hit in chaotic situation: court told

A LONE police constable tried to arrest a man while three of his relatives surrounded the officer in a chaotic situation, the Launceston Magistrates Court heard today.The incident occurred in Main Street, Derby, last year.

A relative of the man, a woman, gave evidence for the prosecution in a part-heard hearing today.

She told the court she watched what was happening from an embankment and there was a lot of yelling and swearing.

The constable had previously given evidence that he came across a car with no lights on, which was being pushed at night.

The policeman had earlier told the court he was struck to the head during the incident.

The man who was being arrested has pleaded guilty to having used abusive language to police, and not guilty to having resisted police and having escaped custody.

A second man, a woman and a youth, are also contesting multiple charges in relation to the altercation.

None of the co-accused gave evidence.

In closing, the prosecution argued that the officer was in a chaotic situation and given that the man's three relatives were involved, it would have been unlikely that the man being arrested would have simply walked with the officer to his police car.

The defence however, has argued that the police constable was acting outside his duty and had ``slammed'' the man against the police car.

Magistrate Reg Marron reserved his decision to Scottsdale Magistrates Court on June 17 at 9.45am.