Polley tight-lipped over diary details

TASMANIAN Labor Senator Helen Polley refused today to answer whether she would release diary details relating to 16 flights from Launceston to Hobart over two years, at a taypayer-funded cost of $23,000.

The Examiner this week revealed that the Launceston-based Senator clocked up more than $25,965 in flights between June 2011 and June 2013.

Most of this travel involved 35-minute flights to Hobart, which Ms Polley has claimed were used to meet with constituents.

Ms Polley fronted the media alongside federal opposition families spokeswoman Jenny Macklin in Launceston today and said she made ``no apology'' for her use of travel entitlements.

``I've gone out into the community and made myself available to listen to the concerns of Tasmanians and I will continue to do that,'' she said.

``I make no apology doing my job.

``We have a budget as senators and members of parliament. I adhere to my entitlements.

``I clock up kilometre after kilometre moving around the state. 

``I will continue to do that.''

Ms Polley said she has complied with travel entitlements rules set by the Department of Finance.

``Over that period of time, I was on four committees _ I chaired one of those committees _ and I was doing the job of being available across the state,'' she said.

``I'm based in Launceston and so much of what happens politically happens in Hobart.

``My records are open and transparent and I do not make any apology about what I'm doing in terms of the countless hours I spent on the road.''

Ms Polley did not respond to questioning on whether she would release diary details on the 16 flights to Hobart.