Board to review police officer's termination

A SACKED East Coast police officer has won the right to have his termination reviewed.

Former constable Joe Gadon, a university English teacher who went on to be Tasmania's first Filipino cop, was dismissed by Commissioner Darren Hine last year.

In a letter of termination, MrHine said there was sufficient evidence that the Bicheno stationed officer had breached the code of conduct three times in 2011.

The allegations related to using excessive force while on duty.

Mr Gadon was never charged and he lodged an appeal with the Police Review Board.

However, the board determined the review would be limited to whether or not Mr Hine made an error, which would have to be identified by Mr Gadon.

The board said it could not carry out a more general review of the merits of the decision because the commissioner had the discretion to sack an officer.

Mr Gadon appealed the matter in the Supreme Court.

On Friday Justice David Porter found the board's role was "to do again the task performed by the commissioner".

"That means determining what the correct or preferable decision ought to be," he said.

A hearing will be held before the board.