Guilty plea to setting fire to cars, scrub

A WEST Launceston man has pleaded guilty in the Launceston Supreme Court today to a series of car thefts and fires.

Stanley Martin Cash, 25, pleaded guilty to having set fire to vegetation and two counts of having set fire to motor vehicles.

He also pleaded guilty to summary offences of three counts of car theft, including the two cars he set fire to.

Crown prosecutor Jessica Wade told the court that the offences occurred in February 2012.

Cash set fire to grass in a public area at Invermay, and also set fire to two cars, which he had stolen, at Invermay and St Leonard's.

He also stole a third car at Invermay.

Defence counsel Alan Hensley said his client, who has a moderate intellectual disability, had been influenced to commit crime by people he lived with at the time.

He said that Cash's associates were the ones responsible for starting the cars and driving them, because Cash lacked this ability.

Mr Hensley said Cash now had better support, including steady accommodation, and was unlikely to reoffend.

Justice Robert Pearce ordered a report from community corrections and adjourned sentencing to July 1 at 4pm.