Six extra months without a licence

A MAN banned from driving for 15 years in Victoria has had another six months added to the disqualification by a Launceston magistrate.

Max Laurence Phillips was picked up for driving while disqualified in Launceston in February.

Phillips, who pleaded guilty, received a 15-year ban in 2001 for a single drink-driving charge.

The disqualification extended to all jurisdictions.

Phillips said he'd been living in Tasmania for three years.

Asked by magistrate Reg Marron whether he owned a car, Phillips said yes.

He explained that it was easier to ask people for a lift if you had your own car.

Mr Marron said Phillips had a "shocking" drink- driving history and sentenced him to two months' jail, wholly suspended for 12 months.

An exasperated Phillips said he'd gone over 10 years without conviction and asked when he was going to get his licence back.

"Not yet," Mr Marron said.

"I'm afraid it's going to be a slow road back to the car for you - very slow."