No police probe of footy brawl

POLICE have condemned the weekend's ugly football brawl in Launceston but have stopped short of launching an investigation.

The fight involving players and spectators broke out at a match between Old Scotch and Fingal Valley at the NTCA Ground on Saturday.  

The brawl lasted several minutes and umpires decided to abandon the game.

``Tasmania Police are very concerned with violence both on and off the field at any sporting venue,'' acting Inspector Craig Fox said yesterday.  

``Being engaged in a physical sporting match does not give any person the right to commit assaults and they may be liable for arrest and charge.

``No one likes to see sporting events cancelled due to the unacceptable behaviour of players and/or spectators.''

Police are yet to receive any formal complaints over the matter and so no investigation has been launched. 

A single officer attended the scene. 

This has drawn criticism from the police union, which has long been opposed to the force's single officer response model. 

``The Police Association of Tasmania does not agree with single officers being sent to incidents that have a potential for violence,'' association president Pat Allen said. 

``That includes incidents where violence is occurring, has already occurred or has a potential to occur.

``It is the duty of Tasmania Police to look after the safety and welfare of our members.''

At the time of the incident police did not receive any emergency calls about the brawl.

An off-duty officer received a call from a person at the ground but the fight had ended. 

``As a result of no official calls a lone police officer response was deemed adequate and that officer attended during the afternoon and reported no significant issues,'' acting Inspector Fox said. 

The brawl is anticipated to dominate tonight's meeting of the NTFA board.