`Super mum' scores 10 out of 10

Natasha Roberts with her 10 children.

Natasha Roberts with her 10 children.

NATASHA Roberts is Rocherlea's super mum.

The single parent has given up her career and dedicated her life to raising her 10 vibrant children, including three sets of twins.

Eleven-month-old Blake and Kiara make up the youngest portion of the house, along with six-year-old Jordan and Kiarni and eight-year-old Ryan and Jasmin.

The trifecta of twins are joined by 10-year-old Lachlan, 13-year-old Jayden, 15-year-old Kessindra and 17-year-old Broden.

While Ms Roberts admits the self-professed "mad house" keeps her on her toes, it does have its very special moments, tomorrow's Mother's Day included.

"I was an only child and I never liked it," she said.

"I love knowing that there is always someone around.

"They all went to the shops yesterday and got me something for Mother's Day."

Ms Roberts said it wasn't easy raising 10 children, but revealed how she manages to balance her own life with 10 others on a daily basis.

"It's about routine I guess.

"I should be more organised, but I do my best."

Regardless of how she does it, however, 15-year-old Kessindra will always be proud of her mum.

"She's a single parent, she does everything for us," Kessindra said.

"She's our wonder mum."