Murder confession claim

A MAN charged with two murders threatened to shoot a friend in the same way as a man he now stands trial for allegedly killing, the Supreme Court has heard.

James Albert Zammit gave evidence yesterday in the murder trial of Kalangadoo man Stephen Roy Standage.

Mr Standage is charged with killing Ronald Frederick Jarvis, 37, in July 1992 and John Lewis Thorn, 59, in August 2006.

He has pleaded not guilty to both crimes.

Mr Zammit said he met the accused in the late 1990s, with the two striking up a friendship that lasted about 18 months.

The court heard throughout their friendship, Mr Zammit would regularly buy small quantities of cannabis from Mr Standage.

``Whenever I ran out of dope I'd look for him,'' Mr Zammit said.

He told the court the two discussed growing drugs together on a night Mr Standage stayed at his Sandford residence.

``He asked me if we'd like to go halves in growing some marijuana on my property, in my shed or hot house,'' he said.

Mr Zammit told the court he had no intention of agreeing to the proposal.

``By the end of the conversation I'd made up my mind _ no, it wasn't going to happen,'' he said.

But the witness said Mr Standage pursued the topic.

Mr Zammit said the accused brought up growing cannabis together again the next morning while the two were driving from his house to a jetty where his boat was moored.

The court heard Mr Standage stopped the car along the way and turned to the witness with his arm outstretched, his fingers pointing at Mr Zammit's head in the shape of a gun.

Mr Zammit said the accused then threatened him.

He told the court Mr Standage said to him: ``If we're going to do it for real, you better not f--- me around.''

Mr Zammit said the accused then told him: ``I'll put two bullets in you like I did Jarvis; everyone thinks it was just one bullet, but I'll tell you it was two.''

The jury has previously heard evidence two projectiles were discovered in remote Nugent bushland where Ronald Jarvis's remains were found.

Under cross-examination, defence lawyer Tamara Jago, SC, put it to the witness that the threats never occurred.

Mr Zammit insisted the incident took place, telling Ms Jago he was not a liar.

The trial continues today.