Final figures in for crossroads

This year's annual Easter road blitz has finished after five days of increased police activity across the state.

Police said they were disappointed with the large increase in speeding motorists compared to last year. 

Inspector Shane LeFevre said tragically one life was lost when a Chinese woman was involved in a crash on the North West on Thursday. 

The woman, from Hong Kong, had been travelling in a car driven by her husband when it collided with another vehicle.  

The Easter Holiday Road Toll reporting period ran from midnight Thursday to midnight last night. 

Operation Crossroads concluded last night at midnight. Tragically, Tasmania lost one life on our roads this Easter .  ``Although the operation has finalised, Tasmania Police will continue to focus on those motorists breaking the road rules and will continue to keep our roads safe,'' Inspector LeFevre said. 

The final results are as follows: 

Random Breath Tests Conducted: 12065

Drink Driving Offences Detected: 59

Drug Tests Conducted: 158

Positive Drug Tests: 17

Licence Offences Detected:

(Includes Disqualified, Suspended, Unlicensed and Restricted Licence Contraventions) 154

Traffic Infringement Notices Issued: 954

Speeding Offences Detected: 805

Vehicles Clamped or Confiscated: 7