Safety urged as holidaymakers head home

Police have caught 10 drink drivers in 24 hours as part of Operations Crossroads.

As the Easter road safety blitz enters its final day, police are urging motorists to play it safe on the roads.

''Today will see another heavy traffic day on our roads with many people travelling home after the holidays,'' Tasmania Police said.

''Police would urge people to plan their return trip carefully, take extra time, and expect slow moving traffic on the major highways.

''Motorists are also urged to make use of the driver reviver stations placed around the state.''

Operation Crossroads results as of midnight Sunday

Random Breath Tests Conducted: 10362

Drink Driving Offences Detected: 54

Drug Tests Conducted: 145

Positive Drug Tests: 13

Licence Offences Detected:

(Includes Disqualified, Suspended, Unlicensed and Restricted Licence Contraventions) 125

Traffic Infringement Notices Issued: 697

Speeding Offences Detected: 606

Vehicles Clamped or Confiscated: 5