Compo bid against Transend

A TRANSEND employee accused of taking kickbacks has lodged a worker's compensation claim that the allegations caused him mental anguish. 

The senior asset officer was removed from a contract after his manager said there had been ``corridor talk'' of him receiving kickbacks from a third party. 

Transend refused to detail the corruption allegations to  The Examiner . 

In his claim, the employee said he also felt ``exposed to harassment'' by having his integrity questioned over   improper use of the company credit card and work car. 

He told an insurance investigator that his boss displayed a ``lack of support and direction'' towards him.  

``I have experienced an ongoing instance of inappropriate behaviour and allegations from my manager which have affected my ability to perform my role to the best,'' his claim states. 

A medical certificate was provided showing that he was totally incapacitated for work.

Transend owns and operates the state's electricity transmission network, delivering energy from Hydro Tasmania to Aurora. 

In a response filed with the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal in Burnie, the company said it had received a complaint about the employee's use of the work car. 

The manager said he also raised the worker's use of the company credit card to buy alcohol and his attendance at the Hobart casino. 

In a statement to the  The Examiner.  the company said it had investigated all of the allegations and presented its argument at the tribunal.

``Respecting the privacy of those involved, no additional information can be provided,'' a company spokeswoman said. 

Commissioner Rod Chandler found that the company may have a defence to the worker's compensation claim if the matter went to a hearing.