Money stolen for drug debt

A KINGS Meadows man who stole $17,000 from his parents has been sentenced to a suspended jail term.

Lenny Mac Slater, 20, faced the Launceston Magistrates Court for sentencing on Thursday.

He had previously pleaded guilty to stealing and aggravated burglary, and in a separate matter, disqualified driving.

Magistrate Simon Brown jailed Slater for four months, wholly suspended for two years, and ordered him to complete a 12-month probation order.

Mr Brown also disqualified Slater from driving for three months and ordered him to repay the money he had stolen.

The court heard that Slater stole the money from his parents' home on the Tasman Peninsula on May 11, 2013, when they were away.

The money was the takings from his parents' business.

Mr Brown said that Slater had stolen the money because he needed it for a drug debt, which he was fearful of.

He said that although Slater had pleaded guilty, when he was spoken to initially, he denied involvement.

Mr Brown also questioned Slater's real level of remorse, noting that Slater had had a ``very poor'' engagement with community corrections.

``Your actions were cynical and targeted,'' he told Slater.

``You chose to hurt those who had done the most for you, because you got yourself in a jam.''