Crossroads catches offenders already

POLICE have caught a drink-driving P-plater who was almost four times the blood-alcohol limit for fully licensed drivers.

Statewide road enforcement blitz Operation Crossroads started at 12.01am today.

Police are alarmed that within the first eight hours of the campaign, Southern officers nabbed four drink-drivers, three of whom were provisional licence-holders.

P-platers must have a zero blood-alcohol level.

Sergeant Penny Reardon said one P-plater recorded a reading of 0.193 at Sandy Bay, which was the driver's second offence. 

The driver was also travelling with a passenger in his vehicle.

Sergeant Reardon said Operation Crossroads would continue to target drink-drivers using a range of strategies, including covert operations.

``We will continue to focus on drink-driving, speed and other factors that heighten the risk of being involved in a serious or fatal crash,'' she said.

``Tasmania Police reminds all drivers of the need to take responsibility during this Easter period.''