Photos of remains shown

A HOBART jury was yesterday shown photographs of the skeletal remains of a slain fisherman.

Two forensic photographers were called to give evidence in the murder trial of 61-year-old Stephen Roy Standage.

Mr Standage is accused of killing Ronald Frederick Jarvis, 37, at Nugent, in July 1992 and John Lewis Thorn, 59, at Lake Leake, in August 2006.

He has pleaded not guilty to both crimes.

Former Tasmania Police crime scene investigator Benjamin Nellis told the court he photographed the Nugent murder scene of Ronald Standage on February 12, 1993, about six months after the victim went missing.

The jury was shown a series of photos Mr Nellis captured at the site, including close-up shots of the deceased man's skull and bones.

The court heard Mr Jarvis's jawbone was located about two metres away from his skull.

Mr Nellis also took photographs of a spent bullet casing, several items of clothing and two broken saplings.

Former Tasmania Police officer Adrianus Vervaant gave evidence that the previous night, he had been the first to record photographs of the murder scene.

The court also heard from retired police officer Michael Maxwell, who was tasked with drawing a detailed map of the remote location.

Throughout his evidence, Mr Maxwell referred to a large plan on display in the courtroom as he pinpointed the exact location where the remains were found.

Mr Maxwell told the court the victim's body was found between two large logs in dense bushland, about 10 metres from a walking track.

The jury will be taken to view the site tomorrow. The trial continues today.