Standage told friend to keep mouth shut, court hears

THE FRIEND of a slain fisherman has told the Hobart Supreme Court he was threatened by his accused murderer soon after his disappearance.

Mechanic Shane Rattenbury gave evidence today in the murder trial of 61-year-old Stephen Roy Standage.

Mr Standage has pleaded not guilty to killing Ronald Frederick Jarvis, 37, at Nugent, in July 1992 and John Lewis Thorn, 59, at Lake Leake, in August 2006.

Mr Rattenbury told the court Mr Standage visited him at his Hobart workshop in August 1992, weeks after the disappearance of Ronald Jarvis.

The witness said he had been friends with Mr Jarvis for about 10 years, and had never seen Mr Standage before.

Mr Rattenbury said he put it to Mr Standage that he owed the missing man money.

``He said: I advise you to keep your mouth shut, don't say anything to anybody, don't ask any questions, or you'll find yourself in trouble,'' Mr Rattenbury said.