'Deso' cabbie caught, fined

Tasmania Police have fined a man for operating as an unlicensed cabbie. 

The 21-year-old was caught offering early morning revellers a lift home in return  for payment.

Police said the incident occurred in Devonport during the early hours of Sunday morning. 

The so-called practice of des-ing for dollars is a banned under the Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industries Act. 

``Acting as a designated driver with friends should not be confused with the practice of des-ing for dollars,'' Sergeant Craig Harvey said. 

``Des-ing for dollars is the illegal practice of offering a private vehicle for hire without appropriate public vehicle licenses. ''

In a blow to tight-fisted travellers police confirmed there was no law against chipping in petrol money for a designated driver taking you home. 

Police said they were continuing to monitor people involved in des-ing for dollars on Northwest Coast. 

``This practice leads to concerns regarding safety issues for both passengers and drivers of vehicles that may be des-ing for dollars,'' he said,. 

``As well as issues regarding insurance and  any subsequent injury to persons or property.''