Tasmania needs active leadership

OUR community is powerful.

We dig deep when it comes to helping others in disasters, but we've got daily disasters in our community that need our time and energy.

Our young people are the ones showing this; they're passionately volunteering for causes that matter, locally and globally.

They come together to help their fellow person; they want to unite us all - so why do we accept a system of government that divides us into opposing teams?

My vision for Tasmania is one where we're all part of the change we want to see; where our community sets the leadership agenda, rather than waiting for permission.

Leadership doesn't just exist in government.

There are passionate leaders in our churches, businesses and community groups, being proactive and advocating for all.

I'm not saying our politicians are excluded from this group, but our state needs active leadership, not just representation.

If leadership comes from the community first and foremost, then I know what will come next.

Leaders will be raised up and mentored across the community of all ages. Creative young people will consulted and their feedback will be taken on board.

Our young people will bring the world to Tasmania, instead of being told to leave and find it.

Courageous leadership will be advocated for longer than a political cycle, because young people will be around, not only to see the outcomes, but to partake in the rewards those outcomes bring.

This to me is the only way this state can find its feet.

Finally, imagine if age, race, sexuality, religion or political persuasion was no longer a barrier to involvement in any form of leadership - we simply recognised potential and capability.

That's a Tasmania I want to live in.

•Adam Mostogl is a founder and program manager/inspirer at Illuminate SDF. He was Launceston City Council's Young Citizen of the Year for his work in business education, church and community work at the Australia Day Awards in 2014.

•During National Youth Week The Examiner has invited five people from Northern Tasmania to share their vision for the state.

Adam Mostogl

Adam Mostogl


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