Jaensch, Rylah aim to revive region

BRADDON'S newest Liberal representatives Roger Jaensch and Joan Rylah are looking forward to creating change on the North-West Coast.

The pair were confirmed as the third and fourth Braddon seat holders last week after a nail-biting two-week wait while Hare-Clark system votes were counted.

Mrs Rylah, a businesswoman from Somerset, secured the Liberals' shock fourth seat, and is one of eight women in the new 25-seat government, three of whom are Liberals. 

Former Cradle Coast Authority chief executive Roger Jaensch, of Wynyard, resigned from his job of 13 years to switch to politics in what he called a ``money where your mouth is moment''.

``I've been working with politicians and interacting with them all through my time with the Cradle Coast Authority,' Mr Jaensch said.

``I've seen some really good ones and at other times I've thought `I could do a better job'.  Rather than continuing to observe from the sidelines and just talking about how I could do better, I put it to the test.

``This time I'm stepping up to be directly accountable to the people of Braddon, and I take that as a great responsibility and a great privilege.'' 

Mr Jaensch moved from Western Australia to develop the Cradle Coast Authority. Before this he worked within the wool industry, to restructure and rebuild an industry in troubled times.

Mrs Rylah's foray into political life began after she formed grassroots organisation Unlock Tasmania that aimed to silence ``anti-everything'' groups, and help create a future for children in Tasmania.

Her new political role follows careers in teaching, financial planning and corporate business, having sat on the Tax Industry board and others like it.

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Newly elected Braddon Liberal MHAs Joan Rylah and Roger Jaensch. Picture: NEIL RICHARDSON

Newly elected Braddon Liberal MHAs Joan Rylah and Roger Jaensch. Picture: NEIL RICHARDSON


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