Meat, vacuum cleaners stolen in spree

Two women have been charged with a combined total of 21 stealing offences.

The pair allegedly stole more than $1200 of items on a road trip from Deloraine to Devonport.

Police will allege the women - a 40-year-old from Cressy and a 34-year-old from Rocherlea - exercised five-finger discounts at eight separate stores, including supermarkets, clothing shops and variety stores.

They were caught when a police officer on patrol at Rocherlea stopped their car on Wednesday night and found it loaded with Easter eggs, more than 50 items of clothing, meat and two vacuum cleaners.

The Cressy woman has been charged with nine offences of stealing and one of driving an unregistered car.

The Rocherlea woman was charged with 12 offences of stealing, committed in Launceston, Deloraine and Devonport.

Newnham Police Station's Constable Christopher Rockliff said the incident should serve as a reminder for businesses to be vigilant with store security, especially with checking bags and monitoring self-serve checkouts.