Ice transported in bra leads to bust

A DRUG mule who transported up to $50,000 worth of ice in a bra into Launceston was trying to clear a drug debt, the Supreme Court in Launceston heard yesterday.

Leah Jean Woolley, 21, was caught with 60 grams of methamphetamine at Evandale in September last year. 

The bust came after detectives from Tasmania Police's Operation Webb were tipped off that Woolley was bringing drugs into Tasmania that day. 

The officers missed her at Launceston Airport, but received news she was at Evandale and quickly detained her. 

Police found 6.4 grams of methamphetamine  and 53.8 grams of the crystallised form also known as ice on Woolley. 

Crown prosecutor John Ransom said the drugs were worth between $20,000 to $60,000 depending if it was sold in ounces, 8-balls or points on the street. 

He said Woolley played an ``important role''  as a ``courier in relation to a highly addictive drug''. 

Defence counsel James Oxley said Woolley had begun abusing meth in January  2013 to overcome anxiety. 

After relocating to Melbourne she collated a $2000 drug debt. 

Woolley turned down initial requests to smuggle drugs into Tasmania, but eventually agreed in return for having her drug debt wiped clean, he said.  

Woolley, who has no prior conviction for drugs and pleaded guilty to trafficking early on, was not a major player, he said. 

Mr Oxley asked Justice David Porter to consider a wholly suspended jail term given her age. 

Justice Porter remanded Woolley on bail until April 30 for sentencing.