Murder trial under way in Hobart

The prosecution has begun outlining its case against a man accused of committing two murders 14 years apart at the Hobart Supreme Court.

Stephen Roy Standage, of Kalangadoo, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Ronald Frederick Jarvis at Nugent in July 1992, and John Lewis Thorn at Lake Leake in August 2006.

Crown prosecutor Darryl Coates, SC, told the court that Mr Standage was the one common link to the two deceased men.

The Crown has alleged the two deaths were drug related, with both deceased involved in growing and selling cannabis.

Mr Coates outlined what the Crown considers "striking similarities" between the two deaths.

The court heard both deceased men were shot, had their bodies dragged to their final resting place, had their wallets stolen and had saplings placed over the top to obscure them.

Mr Coates told the court that Mr Standage was the last person to see both men alive.

The trial continues.